African Dusk - Tshwahlane ya Afrika


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Dr. Niel van der Watt: African Dusk - Tshwahlane ya Afrika, Chor SATB (div.)


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African Dusk has as focal point some african musical activities that might take place in a typical, traditional, african village. The first song, a working song, is sung by the young girls on their way to the river to fetch water for the evening. Hand percussion accompanies the singing which creates the effect of walking through long grass, while frog-sounds are heard from the river. The second song is a traditional SePedi lullaby, sung to soothe a child. The moon rises slowly, and finally appears in its full african glory. Around the fire a leisurely conversation gives way to a song that recalls the people's true identity: People of Africa. The final song and dance sequence contains the african belief that death must be confronted with the rhythm and music of life.
It is the composer's hope and belief this music will inspire the children of Africa to cherish their rich, diverse heritage. African Dusk was especially written for the East Rand Youth Choir (1994) under the direction of Johann van der Sandt.

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